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Insurance claims

When you have an accident or need to make a claim, it can be a very stressful situation and it can be even harder to find the correct information on how best to claim. As an independent repairer, we can repair your vehicle as your ‘Preferred Repairer’ and we offer a premium service to work within the best interests of you and your vehicle.

The insurer will naturally encourage you to use their ‘Approved Repairer’, however we would emphasise that their repairer is working within the insurers interests and not necessarily yours

If the accident is not your fault, it is advisable to deal directly with the third-party insurers, as opposed to involving your own insurance company. Even if the accident is not your fault, and the other party’s insurance admits their liability, your insurance company may still increase your premium the year after to cover their losses in administration time etc.

Standard Terms for Insurance Repairs:
The service we offer includes dealing with the insurer on your behalf, to help negotiate the best outcome for you and your vehicle. In nominating EDRS Paintwork as your 'chosen repairer' you agree that if settlement is reached without our consultation and/or repairs being carried out (ie. CIL, total loss or other) then you will be liable for our estimating expenses, currently £75 plus VAT, and the administration hours of the claim to date, to be charged at £40/hr plus VAT. Please bear this in mind if you chose to speak to the insurer directly about a settlement.

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